Polk Audio OWM3 Loudspeaker

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Polk Audio OWM3 Loudspeaker

Think of the new Polk OWM3s as the "Swiss army knife" of speakers. You can use them in virtually any configuration in any room in your home. The unique trapezoidal design and removable base allow for seven different mounting options, enough for all possibilities. Weighing a mere 4 pounds each, you can put a pair virtually anywhere. Wedged in a corner, on a wall, ceiling or flat surface, the possibilities are endless! You can use them as the main speakers of your theater system, or auxiliary speakers for a music system. With so many mounting options available, you can wire your entire house full of OWM3 speakers and enjoy great Polk sound everywhere.

Innovation means functionality
On the back of the OWM3 you'll find two sets of 4-way keyhole slots to allow easy flat or angled wall mounting. The center has a built-in ¼" #20 threaded insert which allows optional bracket mounting (such as OmniMount 10.0 OMT) - for swivel wall or ceiling mounting. The 5-way gold plated binding posts allow a multitude of connection options including bare wire, spade lugs, banana plugs or pins. No plastic spring clips to break here!

From a wall to a shelf in seconds
No tools are needed to transform your speaker from wall mount to shelf mount and back again in seconds with the included detachable base. It simply snaps in and out of the back (as shown by the animation on the left). Two optional bump mounts are also included for mounting on a shelf horizontally.

Big sound for a small price
You might think that speakers this useful and great sounding would be expensive. Not so with the OWM3s. Their affordable price allows you to use multiple sets all over your house, so you will enjoy your music anywhere!

Premium contruction
A Super Dense Glass-Filled ABS Cabinet made of a space age polymer has internally molded-in bracing. The same material used in our legendary outdoor Atrium series speakers. This design allows us to eliminate the typical "plastic trashcan sound" from the OWM3.

Dynamic Balance® Technology
Advanced laser imaging technology allowed Polk Audio engineers to see the entire vibrating surface of a driver and tweeter; they could actually see the resonance develop on the speaker cones—resonance that is the root cause of loudspeaker distortion. Being able to see the resonance develop, they determined the "Dynamic Balance" of high-tech materials, geometry and construction that effectively tune out the offending resonance. Exclusive Dynamic Balance Composite Material Technology delivers sound that's effortlessly clean and clear, even at lifelike volume.

Capacitive Coupling Technology
Capacitive Coupling Technology (CCT) works by creating a gentle impedance dip within the range where conventional sealed-box loudspeakers are subject to severely reduced bass output. Lower impedance within this critical frequency range means improved acoustic sensitivity by exploiting power amplifiers' ability to deliver more power to the bass frequencies. Thus, the OWM3 plays surprisingly loud over the lowest portion of its passband. The net result for the OWM3's performance is 3dB more bass output over a fairly broad range. It's as if the loudspeaker's enclosure grew by 30 to 50% in volume.