CoolMax F1-U2 External Enclosure

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CoolMax F1-U2 External Enclosure

The F1-U2 creates a reflection of your computer system for back-up purposes. It can create a copy of your entire operating system just by a push of a button and restore your data with just a push of a button. It mimics your computer system, so you can feel safe, even when your computer crashes. It also transfers your digital data for better security, so as not to leave traces of copies behind, making it vulnerable to outside sources. This enclosure is made especially for reliability, security, practicality, and usefulness.


- Unique style external case that's multi-functional and appealing
- Supports 3.5" IDE PATA hard drives
- One touch OS & data back up for you to select and store your operation system including your email and data files – offering security and prevention of any possible data loss
- Quick restoration of operation system or selective files with the touch of a button
- USB 2.0 Interface and compatibility
- Red access and green power LED status indicatory lights
- Secured lock-in user name for multi-users
- Easy operation and set-up
- 12V AC/DC power adapter
- Rubber padding to stand the enclosure