CoolMax CD-390B-U2 External Enclosure

CoolMax Updated: 2008-12-13 RSS
CoolMax CD-390B-U2 External Enclosure

Coolmax has formulated an excellent 3.5" enclosure for all capacity hard drives. The CD-390B-U2 enclosure has an aluminum cover that is designed for heat dissipation to prevent your hard drive from overheating. Along with it is a built-in 80mm fan with an on/off button so you can decide when your hard drive may need extra heat relief. This enclosure has a USB 2.0 interface for data transfer and a one touch back-up function to back-up your digital data instantly. Hot swap and plug and play, begin the freedom and ease of accessing your files and programs instantly!


- Black aluminum alloy case provides maximum heat dissipation and thermal efficiency
- Hot Plug and Play
- Smart LED status indicatory lights
- Supports 3.5" PATA hard drives up to 750 GB
- Case and mounting mechanism provides best protection for your hard drive
- User Friendly – portable, convenient, easy installation and set up
- IDE to USB 2.0 interface and compatibility
- 5V/12V AC/DC power adapter
- On/Off power switch
- Black tray to stand enclosure upright – saves space
- Extra slits for better air ventilation to keep your hard drive cool
- 80mm Fan for enhanced cooling performance
- On/Off fan switch
- One-Touch Data Backup function – safely and conveniently secure all your digital data with a push of a button