CoolMax CD-310-U2 External Enclosure

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CoolMax CD-310-U2 External Enclosure

The CD-310-U2 aluminum enclosure is great for all high capacity IDE/PATA hard drives. The aluminum cover is built for heat dissipating, which lessens the chances of the hard drive overheating, and keeps it running cool. It is user-friendly with easy to install drives, and supports USB interface, allowing quick data transfer rates of 480 Mbps. It is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems. This high performance plug and play device is convenient, simple, quiet, and ensures user satisfaction.


- Supports IDE/PATA HDD
- USB interface compatible
- Aluminum alloy case provides maximum heat dissipation and thermal efficiency
- Smart LED status indicatory lights
- Plug and play
- Works with PCs and Macs
- Extra slits along the sides for extra ventilation
- Rubber padding to stand enclosure upright – saves space
- On/Off Power Switch
- 12V AC/DC power adapter
- User friendly – Portable, convenient, easy installation and set up
- Case and mounting mechanism provides best protection for your hard drive