Kworld VS-DVB-S 100/IS PCI DVB-S TV Card

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Kworld VS-DVB-S 100/IS PCI DVB-S TV Card

Your Expressway to a Second Set of Satellite TV!
Still wrestling over the only satellite TV in the house?WithPCI DVB-S TV Card, your personal satellite TV is just a heartbeat away with extra connectors for your video equipments to transform your everyday PC into a PersonalEntertainmentCenter!

Supports Teletext & EPG Functions (DVB Standard)
PCI DVB-S TV Card supports Teletext & EPG, which offers extra information and electronic programs guide.

Never Miss a Show with Time-Shifting and Scheduled-Recording
It always happens during the most exciting moment; you need a bathroom break?With PCI DVB-S TV Card, you may pause an on-going show and resume afterwards.Another overtime work-day, but your favorite TV is scheduled to be on tonight?You may record the shows, so you don't miss anything.

Additional Composite/S-Video input for capturing analog video in MPEG 4/2/1 format
Built-in with an additional Composite / S-Video input and bundled with a few handy multimedia softwares, PCI DVB-S TV Card transforms your PC into a multimedia entertainment center.Connect your game consoles to this product and enjoy your adrenaline-rushing video games!

Full Function Remote Control
Enjoy relaxing in the comfort of your seat, and control your home entertainment center by the included full function remote control.It enables you to control your viewing experience by simply pressing the buttons to adjust the setting or to power-off your PC.


* Watch free digital satellite TV program and radio (not DAB) on PC
* Watch free-to-air digital satellite TV program on PC
* Supports EPG Function (DVB Standard)
* Supports Time-Shifting and Scheduled-Recording function
* Supports Still Image capture in BMP format
* Additional Composite/S-Video input for connecting other video sources.
* S.R.P.O. –Scheduled Recording in PC Power-Off Mode
* Power-Off PC by remote control