Genius G-Note 7000 Digital Note Tablet

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Genius G-Note 7000 Digital Note Tablet

A4 size digital note and tablet

Great tool for professionals

Key features:

* Professional device for meetings, note taking, or presentations.
* 8.5"x11" working pad, suitable for A4 paper.
* Uses digital note and tablet functions.
* Cordless pen for digital note and tablet.
* Built-in 32MB memory can store up to 100 pages, SD memory card slot available.
* Transfer digital pages to PC via USB cable for editing, organizing or sharing by e-mail

G-Note 7000
Working Area: 216mm * 279mm (A4)
Resolution (LPI): 1000
Paper thickness: 13.5mm (135pages)
Memory type: 32MB flash and optional SD card
Battery: 3A *4
Digital Pen: 1(blue)
Tablet Function: Yes