Yamaha PJP-50R IP Audio Conference System

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Yamaha PJP-50R IP Audio Conference System

Full featured desktop conferencing for offices and small rooms.

Selection of terminals support many types of conferences
PJP-50R has three built-in terminals. The LAN port provides high sound quality conferencing between ProjectPhones. The LINE port (for analog phone lines) facilitates calls with land line phones, cell phones and analog phone terminals. And to connect to a PC as a microphone as a speaker for Web conferencing or "soft phone" use, you can sue the AUDIO (IN/OUT) port. PJP-50R offers a multi interface voice conferencing system that that can used in various ways according to the application

PJP-50R Terminal Support
Integrated audio mixer enables conferencing with mixed line types
With its various connectors, PJP-50R can open calls with simultaneous IP, analog phone and audio connections. Parties away form the office can join IP conferences from their cell phones, or join audio conferences from a telephone (voice only).

PJP-50R Integrated Audio
Talker position reproduction makes even multiperson conferences 'easy on the listeners"
Microphone's array talker detection function and the speaker array's virtual sound source generation function combine to facilitate the "talker position reproduction mode" that modifies audio output according to the seating arrangement of the callers. Sound is at different positions making it easy to distinguish between multiple voices (up to three talkers per location over a two-location IP conference.

PJP-50R Talker Positioning

Connecting the PJP-50R to a PC via network
By installing the audio driver software on a PC, PJP-50R can be connected as a networked (corporate LAN-based) PC microphone speaker. This allows you to easily use PJP-50R as a Web conference microphone speaker without audio cables. Also, when PJP-50R talker position information is sent to a PC via network, PJP-CAM1 and PJP-50R can be linked.

For PC Users
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* Multi-interface audio conference system with LAN, PSTN and analog (in/out) interfaces: Provides Audio bridge among multi-interfaces
* Array controlled 16 Microphones/4 speakers
* Built-in 3-ch adaptive echo canceller for full-duplex communication and noise reduction

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