Panasonic KX-TD7695 Compact 1.9Ghz Multi-Cell Wireless System Telephone

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Panasonic KX-TD7695 Compact 1.9Ghz Multi-Cell Wireless System Telephone

Whether it's in an office, factory, warehouse, supermarket, or other large facility. The Panasonic KX-TD7695 Compact Model Multi-Cell DECT System keeps you in constant touch with colleagues and key customers even when you have to leave your work area. Elegant, compact and convenient, these high-performance telephones put a host of advanced communication technology at your fingertips.

Features that keep you connected

* Blue Backlit Display - Readable even in sunlight
* Illuminated Keypad - Easy operation in all lighting conditions
* Easy Menu Navigation Joystick and large icons make single-handed operation a breeze
* Programmable Keys
* Personal Telephone Directory with up to 100 entries
* Access Company Directory with up to 1000 Entries on your Panasonic Communication System
* Built-in Speakerphone
* 3 Reminder Calls/Alarm Clock


Caller ID Compatible: Yes
Vibrate Mode: 7
Soft Keys: 3
Battery: Ni-MH 3.6V 650mAh
Speaker Phone: Yes
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD): 16 x 6 Lines Back Light (Blue)
Mulitple Languages Display: English, French, Spanish
Illuminated Keypad: Yes (Blue)
Headset Compatible: Yes
Phonebook: 100
Redial: Last 5 Numbers
Call Log-Incoming Call: 10
Call Log-Outgoing Call: 5
Ringer LED (Incoming Call/Charge Indicator): Red/Green
Ringer Volume: 6 Levels and Off
Ringer Melodies: 9
Ringer Bell: 6
Frequency: 1.9 GHz
Mute: Yes
Private Ringing: Yes
Hot-Key Dialing: 10
Memo Alarm: Yes
Conference Calling: Yes
Key Lock: Yes
Any-key Answering: Yes
Battery Talk Time: 10 hours
Battery Standby Time: 168 hours
Battery Charge Time: 7 hours
Belt Clip: Yes
Weight (oz.): 4.2
Dimensions (L x W x D) (inches): 4.8 x 1.8 x 0.9
Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.80'' x 1.80'' x 0.90''
Weight: 4.2 lbs

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