ZyXEL V500 Series IP Phone

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ZyXEL V500 Series IP Phone

Flagship Broadband Network SIP IP Phone

* HD Voice Wideband Codec Support
* Rich Call Feature with Hard Keys
* 4.2" Large LCD Display with Friendly Ease Setup Interface
* Up to 4 SIP Accounts Being Registered Simultaneously- Crystals Voice Quality with TIA-810 Certified

Powerful New Generation IP Phone
ZyXEL V500 Series is a full-feature enhanced business SIP IP Phone. End users can use 4 phone lines simultaneously. The V500 Series has powerful features include 4 call appearance lines with LED, and up to 6 programmable keys could fulfill user individual requirements. With large graphical 4.2 inch LCD screen, the V500 Series offers an improved and extended presentation of call lists, address books, caller information, function applications: ex SMS.

HD voice provides superior audio and speech clarity
HD voice means excellent speech quality. It uses a wider voice spectrum between 50 and 7000Hz, and the wider spectrum offers a more natural sound with fuller fidelity. The V500 IP Phone also provides various bit rates to meet different network environment needs.

High Voice Quality with Low Communication Costs
The V500 Series IP phone is capable of tagging features that support a service provider's QoS (Quality of Service) planning, such as ToS (Type of service).  It allows gateways or central side equipment to identify and prioritize voice.

Rich Call Features
A number of sophisticated call features are engineered into the V500 IP Phone. User can use the related features such as call forwarding, call transfer, three way conference call, etc.

Excellent Stylish Design and Friendly Hard Keys
"Can't take my eyes off you" is the best descriptions for ZyXEL V500 Series. This gorgeous piece of the art shines on your desktop. The V500 Series can stand as the 30, 45 and 60 degrees, which is the most comfortable viewing angle for human and save your valuable desktop spaces. We also put in the wall mount design without using any additional accessories. The V500 Series have all useful features of most popular hard keys which are Hold/ Redial/ Conference/ Transfer/ Send/ Hang up/ Voice mail/ Paging/ Mute/ DND/ Headset/ Speaker to save your time to communicate.