Hitachi 65F59 CRT Projection DTV

Hitachi Updated: 2007-10-01
Hitachi 65F59 CRT Projection DTV

Advanced CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) technology and superior optics enable the 65F59 to deliver realistic, life-like performance in a large screen home theater.

Hitachi's innovative High-Brightness CRTs and 1080i Digital Processor ensure perfect contrast, brightness and clarity of image quality. Magic Focus Auto Digital Convergence magnetically adjusts the image for exact alignment at all times. Day and Night Picture Memory by Input with Timer enables ideal image quality under different lighting conditions.

Hitachi's DTV tuner allows the 65F59 to receive and process digital programming which is then converted to 1080i for display. The HDMI™ digital input makes the 65F59 compatible with today's newest digital products.

1080i Digital Video Processor
This processor converts standard tv signals to match the 1080i native display.

HDMI™ Digital Interface (x 1)
Accommodates today's high definition home theater needs, including Blu-ray™ / HD-DVD™ Players and today's new HDMI™ digital cameras.

Day & Night Picture Memory by Input with Timer
Separate Day and Night Memory settings deliver superior picture quality for different lighting conditions. By simply pressing a button on the remote, or using the automatic timer, you can toggle between bright daytime settings and high fidelity nighttime settings for each source.

High-Brightness Lens & CRT System
Advanced optics designed for increased brightness and contrast deliver razor-sharp focus in widescreen proportions.

Magic Focus Auto Digital Convergence
Automatically aligns the picture for optimum performance at the push of a button.

High-Contrast Fine-Pitch Screen
Reproduces exceptional detail with deep, dark blacks.

Component Video Inputs (x 2)
Hitachi's 2006 televisions accommodate a broad range of high-end analog input sources, including cable and satellite receivers, DVD players, VCRs and video games.

Universal Remote Control
The remote control is preprogrammed with the capability to control Cable and Satellite tuners, VCR's and DVD players.

TV as Center Speaker
Use the TV speakers as the center dialog channel for a home theater system.

24-Watt 2-Way Speaker System
Separate Bass drivers for low frequencies and tweeters for high frequencies produce clear, rich sound.

DTV Tuner
This tuner receives all DTV signals and converts them to 480i, then the 1080i Digital Video Processor converts them to match the 1080i display.

Digital 3D Y/C Comb Filter
This sophisticated circuit digitally processes analog signals for maximum detail and color quality.

Discrete IR Codes
Many custom home theaters use programmable remote controls. This feature allows you to program your custom remote control to select individual inputs and settings.

Universal Remote Control