Sanyo RMT-U340 6-Function Universal Multimedia Remote

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-14
Sanyo RMT-U340 6-Function Universal Multimedia Remote

6-Function Universal/Multimedia - Using the Keys

Keys on this remote control operate functions similar to those on your original remote.(PIP keys not available).

1. Reset Key
By pressing the RESET key twice you can clear all adjustments and features on your SANYO™ television just as the TV was set when it left the factory. The TV will also reprogram all available channels into memory.

2. Mode Keys
These keys are used when programming the remote control and to activate the operating mode of the remote control. When programmng the remote control, hold the MODE key down while entering the proper code number for your equipment. To operate your equipment, simply press and release the appropriate MODE key- VCR, TV, CABLE, DVD, SAT or AUX .

3. Number Keys
Use these keys to directly select channels on your VCR, TV, or Cable Converter Box. On a SANYO™ television, press 0 then 6 to select channel 6. For cable channels 100 through 125, press and hold the 1 key for two or three seconds, until C1-- appears on the screen. Then press the other two numbers.

4. Input Key
In the TV, VCR, and Satellite Modes, use this key to select the signal connected to the antenna or the signal from the equipment you have connected to the Audio/Video Input Jacks. In the VCR Mode this key works like a VCR's TV/VCR key.

5. Channel(CH) Scan/Volume Keys
Press to scan the channels in memory and to adjust the volume.

6. Recall Key
Quickly return to the last channel you were watching. Use the RECALL key to change between programs or ballgames.

7. Cursor Key
Moves Up/Down and Left/Right in any mode.

8. Menu/Guide Key
In the TV Mode use this key to access the menu and setup options on your SANYO™ television. While the options are displayed , use the CHANNEL up and down keys to select a feature or control to adjust. After selecting the control you want to adjust, use the VOLUME + and - keys to make the adjustment (follow the on-screen instructions).
In the Satellite Mode, use this key to display the program guide.

9. Sleep Key
If you like to doze by the TV, this feature allows you to program the SANYO™ television (and most TVs with SLEEP feature) to fall asleep with you. The timer can be adjusted from 30 minutes to 3 hours and the TV will switch-off after the set time delay expires.

10. VCR or DVD Keys
These keys control the most common VCR/DVD functions: Fast Forward, Rewind (or Back), Play, Record (VCRs only), Stop and Pause.

11. Caption Key
SANYO™  televisions will decode standard Closed-Captioning signals(CaptionVision) in normal and text modes.

12. Enter Key
This key functions only in the Satellite mode.

13. Mute Key
Press once to instantly reduce the volume to its lowest level. Press again to restore the volume to its previous level.
Note: This will not mute the sound signal from the Audio Output Jacks in fixed mode, but will mute the sound in variable mode.

14. Display Key
Press once to display the TV's channel number on the screen. Press twice to display the channel number continously. Press again to remove the display.