LG WM2487HWMA Front Load SteamWasher

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LG WM2487HWMA Front Load SteamWasher

LG Front Load SteamWasher™ with 9 Washing Programs

Get your laundry extra clean with the power of steam. LG's Front Load Washers use steam in the wash cycle for better washing performance and higher water and energy efficiency. A separate SteamFresh cycle lets you get rid of wrinkles and refresh your clothes anytime.

Allergiene™ cycle is proven to reduce certain allergens such as house dust mites and domestic animal dander.

LG's innovative SteamFresh™ cycle makes it possible for you to refresh and reduce wrinkles in up to 5 garments at one time. Running late for work with no time to iron? Load a cotton blend shirt into the SteamWasher™ and select the SteamFresh™ cycle. You'll be ready to go in just 20 minutes.

Intelligent Electronic Controls with Dual LED Display and Dial-A-Cycle™
Intuitive controls take the guesswork out of doing laundry allowing you to 'set it and go'.

Remote Monitor Ready
LG's Remote Monitoring System makes it easier to keep tabs on your laundry. Simply plug the modem into any outlet in your home and it communicates with the machine to display the time remaining in the cycle. Whether you're putting away groceries or relaxing with a good book, you'll know how much time is left. Your repeated trips to the laundry room are over.

Side by Side or Stacked?
Your Choice. Less space? Try stacking the washer and dryer. More space? Place them side by side or under a counter. Don’t want to bend down so far to load or unload clothing? Add our 13.7" high drawer pedestals. They're also a great place to store laundry products.