Edirol M-10E 10 Channel 5 Stereo Mixer

Roland Updated: 2009-02-12 RSS
Edirol M-10E 10 Channel 5 Stereo Mixer

This portable 10-channel (5-stereo) mixer is designed to offer a number of useful connections in a lightweight device. Because it can run on a 9-Volt battery, the M-10E offers a variety of input & output connections available anywhere you may need them.

* 10 analog inputs (5 stereo audio sources)

* Wide input range from microphone to line level (-50 to +4 dBm)

* 4 stereo outputs (Master RCA, Master ¼" phone, AUX Out, Headphone out)

* Battery Operation (9V)

* Compact, lightweight body

* Overload indicators

* Included AC adapter

* Long Battery Life (up to 7 hours)