Roland RSS-303 RSS Ambience System

Roland Updated: 2009-02-11 RSS
Roland RSS-303 RSS Ambience System

The RSS-303 is an acoustic simulator using proprietary RSS® (Roland Sound Space) technology and COSM® (Composite Object Sound Modeling) to create a natural acoustic environment far beyond that of conventional reverbs. With support for up to four speakers, this intuitive acoustic environment processor can create an ideal "virtual" sound space - from large concert halls to churches - perfect many different applications.

* Multi-dimensional ambience simulator with proprietary RSS technology
* Creates natural reverb ideal for various sound applications and Roland/Rodgers organs
* COSM modeling of room and wall types with intuitive editing functions
* 16 room and 16 wall types including wood, tile, brick, drapery and more
* Accounts for sound source location/directionality without complex calculations
* 3-band EQ compensates for speaker response and room acoustics
* Can be connected to four speakers for uncompromising sound space creation
* Helpful Connection Check function assists in setting up speakers
* Support for larger systems using multiple RSS-303 units
* Wired remote control changes Preset programs instantly
* Convenient 2U rackmount design