Sony MDS-JE480 MD Player/Recorder

Sony Updated: 2007-09-27
Sony MDS-JE480 MD Player/Recorder

The MDS-JE480 MD (MiniDisc) player/recorder was created to maximize your MD enjoyment. Enjoy the benefits of features like ATRAC® DSP type S/MDLP/MP3, hybrid pulse DAC 24-bit, MD long play (MDLP) modes that enable recording for up to 4X normal capacity, and Time Machine recording with a 6-second buffer memory that captures music up to 6 seconds before you press the record button. Utilize Jog Dial™ control for easier track selection. Text entry and digital record level control will simplify recording and playback. Listen longer and record more with the MDS-JE480 MD player/recorder.

MDLP for High Recording Time - Up to 4x's Longer
ATRAC® Type S for Improved Signal to Noise Response
Sampling Rate Converter for Easy Digital Recording
Timer Standby Recording
Jog Dial™ Control for Track Selection, Text Entry
Sampling Rate Converter
Optical Inputs x 1
Line Input Jacks (RCA Type) L/R
Line Output Jacks (RCA Type) L/R

Product Specifications
Recording Format: MDLP for High Recording Time
Analog Audio Input(s): Line Input Jacks (RCA Type) L/R
Analog Audio Output(s): Line Output Jacks (RCA Type) L/R