Canon TS-83H Calculator

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Canon TS-83H Calculator

Boasting an extra-large, tilting display for superb readability, the TS-83H once and for all puts an end to "squint and strain" calculations. Eight large digits, automatically punctuated every three digits, seem to leap right out of the display for accurate confirmation of your figures.


* 8 digits
* Adjustable tilt display
* Floating decimal point system
* Automatic power-off function
* Square root, sign change, and memory keys


Display Type: LCD
Digits Displayed: 8 digits
Angled Display: Angled display

Decimal Point System: No
Delta Percentage Calculation: No
Rounding: No
Tax Calculation Tip: No
Currency Conversion: No
Clock/Calendar: No
Automatic Power-off: Approx. 7 minutes
Power Source: Battery & Solar (Yes/No): Yes
Sign Change: Yes
Item Count: No
Mark-up/down: Yes
Cost/Sell/Margin: No
Memory: Yes
Grand Total: No

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