Canon XL1 Digital Camcorder

Canon Updated: 2007-08-01
Canon XL1 Digital Camcorder

For All the Right Moves, the Canon Grand Master - Another First from Canon.
Just as Canon's Hi8 camcorders have set the standard time and time again, the XL1 is Canon's new flagship camcorder and the product that defines the leading edge of Digital Video.

A combination of exclusive and innovative Canon optical and digital technologies have come together to bring you the new XL1 Digital Video Camcorder, the world's first interchangeable lens MiniDV camcorder.

The new flagship of Canon camcorder product line, the XL1 is designed to challenge any difficult shooting conditions or requirements and to meet your high expectations in digital videography.

The XL1 also incorporates 3CCD image sensors to achieve highly accurate color reproduction and detail. In addition, the XL1 has remarkable performance even in difficult low-light situations.

The XL1 is durable, portable, and flexible, but most of all, it provides the finest digital video image quality available today.


Digital Video Format and IEEE 1394
Whether your need is broadcast production or simply the very best picture quality, the Mini DV format delivers more than 500 lines of horizontal resolution - nearly a 25% improvement in picture quality over the best analog formats. The tape formulation is advanced to last longer and even withstand repeated use without failure, virtually eliminating drop out and delivering higher output and less noise.

IEEE 1394 (DV Terminal)
The XL1 is equipped with a DV terminal that conforms to IEEE 1394 for digital transfer of video and sound, in addition to regular video and audio outputs. It takes just a single digital cable to edit, copy and record your video virtually free from generation loss in image and sound quality.

Optical Image Stabilized 16X Zoom Lens
An optical 16X Zoom (32X Digital) is included as standard with the XL1 -- the world's longest available lens for a DV camcorder. It resolves over 600 TV lines to give an extraordinarily sharp image. By exceeding the DV standard of 530 TV lines, the Canon lens delivers greater visual "sharpness" through its higher sensitivity in the all-important 100 to 250 TV line resolution area.

It is fitted with a variable angle prism for image stabilization, has an ND filter, manual focus and zoom rings, plus a push AF function. You can also boost the power of XL lenses, with no loss of image sharpness, by attaching the 1.6X Extender (optional) between the XL lens and the XL1.