Alpine PDX-2.150 2/1 Channel Power Density Digital Amplifier

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Alpine PDX-2.150 2/1 Channel Power Density Digital Amplifier

Good things come in small, stackable packages. Who knew something so small could pump so much power? The Alpine PDX series amplifiers are for the true car audio enthusiast – for those who want the best power, sound quality, and efficiency, all from a compact size. Get the most out of your system with Digital PDX.

Accurate Dynamic Sound Reproduction
Alpine's goal is to deliver the best sound quality possible. With the PDX series, digital switch-mode amplification yields incredible sound quality. Advances in the PDX design include improved feedback circuitry to faithfully reproduce the input signal for improved dynamic range and higher fidelity. If you're listening to your favorite rock song, your amp is ready to jump from loud to calm and back again with ease.

Installation Flexibility
The PDX amplifiers' unique design allow for a clean, easy, and fast install in your car! All the controls and wiring connections are in one convenient location.

Save Space
PDX amplifiers are 60% smaller than previous models with the same output power. Install your amps easily without sacrificing valuable room, power and performance.

Smart Stacking
The PDX amplifiers feature a smart stackable design. All PDX amplifiers are the same size, regardless of the amount of power or channel specifications. Their exclusive design allows them to be stacked vertically on top of one another. This is an industry-first installation option that saves a ton of space in the trunk or under a seat.

Low Resistance, High Current Speaker Terminals
Quick disconnect plugs with low resistance and high current capabilities make installing quick and easy.

More Power, Better Sound
PDX amplifiers deliver outstanding sound quality. The revolutionary design of the PDX incorporates improved feedback circuitry and power supply filtering system, plus a damping factor that is 350% better than Class A/B amps.

Unprecedented Sound Matching & Accuracy
A highly effective Powerful Feedback Circuit accurately compares the amplifier's output against the original music signal. If there are any differences found between the two, the feedback circuit automatically removes the distortion in real-time! This keeps your music true to the original recording without added distortion or filter noise.

Same Power Output - 2Ω or 4Ω Configuration
PDX amplifiers have the unique capability to deliver the same power output regardless of 2Ω and 4Ω loads. This provides the ultimate in system flexibility and subwoofer configuration diversity.

Power On Demand
A combination of an advanced power supply, Class-D design, and switch-mode digital amplification allow PDX amplifiers to stay extremely efficient at all power levels. This produces less heat, eliminating the need for large heat sinks, just another reason why they can be much more compact than conventional amps.

The PDX amplifiers use Direct FETs device to make switch-mode digital possible. Direct FETs are very small output devices that take up less room and they switch on and off extremely fast when needed. Their ultra high-speed switching capabilities allow them to perform at frequencies that other Class-D amplifiers struggle to reproduce. This provides control over power consumption, and cooler operation.


CEA-2006 Power Rating (40hm@14.4V = 1%THD+N), S/N 78dBA (Ref. 1W into 4Ohm):
* 150W x 2

RMS Power (at 14.4V THD+N,20Hz-20kHz)
* Per channel into 2 ohms : 150W x 1 (≤1%THD+N)
* Per channel into 4 ohms : 150W x 1 (≤1%THD+N)
* Brigded 4 ohms: 300W x 1 (≤1% THD+N)

* Heat Sink (WxHxD) in: 10-1/8" x 7-9/16" x 2-7/16"
* Heat Sink (WxHxD) mm: 257mm x 192mm x 62mm

Bass Engine®
* Crossover Frequency : 30Hz - 400Hz HP/LP/Off (-12dB/oct)

* Frequency Response: 10Hz - 50kHz (+0,-1dB)
* Signal to Noise (S/N): 100dBA (Reference to Rated Power)
* Input Sensitivity (For Rated Power): 0.2V to 4.0V (1.0 at Center Detent)
* Input Impedance: 10k Ohm
* Power Requirements: 14.4V DC (11V to 16V)
* Weight: 2.74Kg.

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