Garmin GDB 50 MSN Direct Receiver

Garmin Updated: 2008-09-18 RSS
Garmin GDB 50 MSN Direct Receiver

Receive real-time MSN Direct content including local weather, traffic, movie times and gas prices with our MSN Direct Receiver / GDB 50. This integrated receiver and cigarette lighter adapter connects to your compatible Garmin device and conveniently plugs into your vehicle's power outlet (for use in the United States only).

Get MSN® Direct

The MSN Direct receiver comes with 1-year free service and sends traffic reports, weather, movie times and gas prices to your compatible Garmin navigator via an FM signal. Now you can avoid traffic, save money at the pump, check the forecast and find out what's playing as you move about town. You can count on your compatible Garmin navigator to route you to the theater, gas station or destination of your choice with clear prompts while helping you avoid congestion and other traffic delays.

Activate and Navigate

The MSN Direct receiver is plug-and-play portable, making it easy to connect to your unit when on the go. No professional installation required. Simply activate your receiver following the instructions in the manual. After activation, plug the receiver into your compatible Garmin device, connect to your vehicle's power outlet, and you're ready to receive data.

Subscription Information

MSN Direct is available only in select cities where coverage exists.