Garmin GXM 30 Traffic Receiver

Garmin Updated: 2008-09-18 RSS
Garmin GXM 30 Traffic Receiver

The compact, all-in-one GXM 30 delivers XM Satellite weather, traffic and radio to your compatible Garmin unit. With the GXM 30 and a subscription to XM services, you can check the weather, avoid traffic backups or listen to the radio when you travel with your unit.

Connect Quickly

Setting up the GXM 30 is fast and easy. Simply position the antenna where it has a clear view of the sky and connect it directly to the USB port on your unit. Then choose the XM subscription that best fits your needs to start receiving XM satellite services.

Choose Your Subscription

The type of information GXM 30 provides to your unit depends on your subscription package. Compatible automotive units display traffic, which includes basic weather information, with a subscription to XM NavTraffic™. Automotive units can also play XM Satellite radio.