Kodak Versamark CS150 System Controller

Kodak Updated: 2008-09-30 RSS
Kodak Versamark CS150 System Controller

The KODAK VERSAMARK CS150 System Controller is a WINDOWS XP-based printer control program for the KODAK VERSAMARK DS5120, DS5122, and DS5240, DS4300, DS4350 and DS7122 Printing Systems.

It is a modular system that controls the entire printing process, from reading the input files to creating the layout and controlling the printers.

The CS150 System Controller features a truly graphical user interface with a print preview screen that will replicate the actual look of the print positioned on the substrate for all documents in the job.

It also comes with online help, integrated printer diagnostics, and an active status screen which allows you to know how fast the printer is printing and how many documents are printed and are yet-to-be printed.

Reordering of lost documents is also as simple as clicking on the record and reprinting.

The CS150 is also available with the Read and Image option.