Hitachi SC-OPE 3H/3I Operator Interface and Networking Devices

Hitachi Updated: 2007-10-02
Hitachi SC-OPE 3H/3I Operator Interface and Networking Devices

The Hitachi Serial Communications Operator Interfaces, SC-OPE 3H and SC-OPE 3I, are easy-to-use inverter operator panels. Their four-line dot matrix displays show inverter status, and work in conjunction with their keypads to provide inverter control and parameter editing capability. The SC-OPE can be directly mounted on the inverter (in the case of the SJ300 and L300P only), panel-mounted (with the optional bezel kit), or DIN-rail mounted inside a panel (also with the optional bezel kit)

In addition to functioning as an enhanced operator interface, the SC-OPE has a built-in serial network interface for connecting an inverter to a variety of popular factory networks including:

* Direct-Net
* Allen Bradley DF1
* Modbus ASCII
* Modbus RTU
* Metasys N2
* BACnet
* Apogee P1

There are two versions of the SC-OPE 3 Operator. The SC-OPE 3I keypad incorporates both FORWARD and REVERSE Run buttons, while the SC-OPE 3H keypad has only a single (forward) Run button. The SC-OPE 3H also includes a HAND/AUTO selector switch.

The SC-OPE3 Configuration Editor Software allows you to easily set up a SC-OPE3 for different network communication protocols and different inverter families. You can reconfigure the Quick Menu, various communication parameters, and the startup and help splash screens. You can also save SC-OPE3 configurations to your PC hard disk for backup, or to download to multiple SC-OPE3 units. This software does NOT save inverter parameters.