Kworld KW-SA240 Scan Converter PCTOTV Wireless

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Kworld KW-SA240 Scan Converter PCTOTV Wireless

Plug, and Play. It's Show Time!
Scan Converter PCTOTV Wireless sends the Audio & Video from your computer wirelessly and directly to any display device or speakers at home. All you have to do is plug your emitter onto your computer and plug the receiver near your video device, then connect both of them with the devices through the audio & video cables.

Mac and PC Friendly
KWorld Scan Converter PCTOTV Wireless works effortlessly with any computer that uses VGA standards, whether it's a Mac or whether it's a Dell, HP, IBM, or any other Windows-based PC.

Imagine the Possibilities
An unlimited number of PCTOTV Wireless receivers can be synced to a maximum of 4 PCTOTV emitters via wireless connections: watch Videos, and enjoy Music files through your PCTOTV Wireless. All you have to do is plug your Scan Converter PCTOTV Wireless emitter onto yourcomputer and plug the Scan Converter PCTOTV Wireless receivers near your video device, then connect all of these devices with the audio & video cables.


*  Wireless Transmission Function
- 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band with 4 optional channels
- Support Video to Video wireless transmission
- 433 MHz IR remote control re-transmission
* VGA to Video Function
- Built-in VGA to Video function, convert VGA signal to standard NTSC or PAL video signal (resizable image and adjustable brightness, contrast, tint, saturation, sharpness)
- Sensitive to VGA input with resolution up to 1024 x 768 at 75 Hz
* Easy to Operate
- Same band transmitter and receiver pair using (one-to-multiple or multiple-to-multiple is available)
- Play and plug, no software required