Panasonic GB2-350 Arc Welder

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Panasonic GB2-350 Arc Welder

Quick. Controlled. Quality.

With full digital technology the GB2-350 offers improved stable arc starts and reduced spatter generation. More uniformed balls at the end of the welding wire make for highly repeatable welds and quick, more predictable starts every time.

Digital technology also means bettering the wire feeder. Wire feed speed can be maintained even if input voltage fluctuates.

Additionally, the GB2 delivers quality welds across several material types. It excels in maintaining stable arc control at low voltages - excellent for your thin gauge welding applications. And high performed welding data means improved stainless steel applications as well.

Features & Benefits

* Compact & light weight
* High-end waveform algorithms control spatter during the CV process
* Stable arc control at low voltages
* Full digital communication - allowing connection to any Panasonic G2 series robot controller with plug and play capability
* Easy-to-use manual welding control pendant