Panasonic HM3-350 Arc Welder

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Panasonic HM3-350 Arc Welder

Quick. Clean. Quality.

This third generation, industry-proven HM Dip-Pulse™ technology delivers superior welding performance across a variety of materials and metal thicknesses - a welding platform to build your shop around.

The HM3 offers a wider process window, virtually instantaneous repeatable arc starting, and more precise arc control via 32bit processing. A 4-wheel 2-drive feeder with encoder feedback allows consistent and stable wire feeding with fast ramp up and down capabilities as well.

Regardless of manual, dedicated automation, or robotic applications, the HM3-350 exceeds expectations with superior technology for welding productivity, quality, and flexibility.

Features & Benefits

* Ability to change between 3 interactive pulse control methods - even during welding
* 2 starting modes (CV or Pulse)
* Patented Dip Pulse technology clears shorts caused by puddle interference minimizing spatter adhesion
* Full digital communication - allowing connection to any Panasonic G2 series robot controller with plug and play capability
* Easy-to-use manual welding control pendant