Konica Minolta CR-241 Color Measurement

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Konica Minolta CR-241 Color Measurement

Chroma Meter CR-241 enables accurate color measurements of extremely small specimens without touching the surface of the specimen. The CR-241 features a microscopic-like design with an SLR (single-lens-reflex) viewing system and a specimen stage which can be moved in three directions for focusing and accurate positioning of the specimen. The CR-241 is also equipped with a built-in data processor and thermal printer.

Selectable Measuring Areas of ø 0.3mm and ø 1.8mm-
Either measuring area can be selected by simply sliding a control on the side of the CR-241. Indications for both measuring areas are shown in viewfinder.

Non-Contact Measurement-
Measurements are taken without touching the specimen surface, allowing measurements of wet, fragile, or soft specimens (which may change color if pressure is applied to the surface).

High Accuracy-
The CR-241's double-beam feedback system ensures accurate measurements. The illumination provided by the high-efficiency pulsed xenon arc lamp is monitored directly and any variations in light output are automatically compensated.

Five Color Notations-
Absolute color values can be calculated in any of five color notations: Yxy, L*a*b*, L*C*H°, Munsell (Illuminant C only), and colorimetric densities DxDyDz, Color difference can be calculated in Δ (Yxy), Δ (L*a*b*), Δ(L*C*H*), Δ E*ab, or Δ(DxDyDz).

Memory Space-
Data for up to 20 calibration surfaces and up to 20 target colors can be stored for each measuring area. Memory space is also provided for up to 300 sets of measurement data; this memory space can be divided into 20 pages as desired.

Built-in Printer-
The CR-241 also has a built-in thermal dot printer for printing measurement data or the results of statistical calculations.

Interval timer-
The CR-241 is equipped with an interval timer, which can be used to control measurements.

Statistical Calculations-
The CR-241 can automatically perform statistical calculations on data in memory for each measurement area and color space to determine the maximum, minimum, mean, and standard deviation values.

Data Communication-
An RS-232C data input/output terminal is provided for connecting the CR-241 to a separate computer for data output or computer control.