Olympus BLISS HD High-Definition Virtual Microscopy System

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Olympus BLISS HD High-Definition Virtual Microscopy System

The Olympus BLISS HD system advances the field of clinical digital imaging with the introduction of high-definition virtual microscopy. Bringing together the technology and software from Bacus Laboratories with Olympus' advanced optical expertise, BLISS HD delivers superior, high- resolution virtual slide images, automatically, with push-button simplicity.

Slides can be scanned at true 20x and 40x, with an option for 60x oil, with automatic tissue detection and multiple region of interest scanning possible. Virtual-ZTM, our unique multiple z-plane scanning and virtual focusing feature, makes BLISS HD an ideal system for scanning thick specimens where depth of focus is important. In combination with WebSlide® Enterprise, our advanced viewer and database software and WebSlide Server, designed specifically for handling virtual microscopy files, BLISS HD is one of the most powerful, personal virtual slide scanning systems available.


* Single slide scanning
* Automatic/manual scanning modes
* Virtual-Z, multiple z-plane scanning
* Automatic tissue detection
* Multiple regions of interest
* True 20x/0.75NA and 40x0.95NA scanning
* Optional 60x oil scanning


Compatible Glass Slide 1" x 3" (25mm x 75mm)

Spatial Resolution (Pixel Size in Image Plane)
20x — 0.223um/pixel
40x — 0.162um/pixel

Sampling Efficiency (Pixels per Optical Resolution)
20x — 1.92 pixels (96% of Nyquist)
40x — 2.3 pixels (115% of Nyquist)
Numerical Aperture
Objectives Optical Resolution
1.25x PLAPO 0.04NA, 8.39um
10x UPLSAPO 0.40NA, 0.839um
20x UPLSAPO 0.75NA, 0.447um
40x UPLSAPO 0.95NA, 0.353um
60x UPLSAPO (optional) 1.35NA, 0.249um

Sensor 1/2", 3 CCD
Color Digital Camera,
1360 x 1024 pixels

Image Acquisition
Automatic Mode: Multiple tissue segments detected automatically
Manual Mode: Manually selected regions of interest
Z-Stack Scanning User-selectable scan option,9 Z-planes

Scanning Area Entire usable glass slide area

Image Types JPEG, JPEG with compression, BMP

Slide Loading Single slide, manual

Control Computer
3.0 GHz Quad Core
Xeon® Processor
8 MB L2 Cache Memory,
4 GB Ram Memory
Microsoft Windows Vista®
Operating System
.5 Tb Hard Drive Storage
Dual 20" Flat Panel Monitors, each
1600 x 1200 @ 32-bit color

Software Included
BLISS HD Scanning Software
WebSlide Enterprise Viewer
SlideTray™ Software