BenQ-Siemens EF51 Mobile Phone

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BenQ-Siemens EF51 Mobile Phone

A Music Hybrid for a Higher Breed
Created specially for musicaholics, the stylish new BenQ-Siemens EF51 will ignite all your senses. With this next-generation hybrid phone, all your favorite songs are now at your fingertips. So get ready for a truly mind-blowing music experience – anywhere, anytime!

Designed for Musicaholics
One glance is enough to go "wow!" The EF51's sleek and compact form is styled just like your trendy MP3 player. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to operate your music, thanks to the dedicated MP3 controller keys located on its shiny EZmusic Flip. Browse the playlist, choose songs, play or pause, forward or everything quick'n smooth.

All music. Any music.
Feel like a DJ, with all your tracks arranged for easy browsing at your fingertips! Slot your music by genre under separate folders, so your "Rock" hits don't get mixed up with your "hip-hop" tracks. Download whatever format you want, because the EF51 supports almost all mainstream formats (WMA/MP3/AAC/AAC+), and even lets you transfer Windows Media Player songs from your PC to your phone directly. The EF51 also gives you extendable memory via its miniSD TM card slot, in addition to its 20 MB embedded memory.

Voice your choice!
So what's your request? Just say the song title and the EF51 will play it automatically. Its unique "Speech-to-Music" feature recognizes your voice and plays your request. Similarly using the "Speech-to-Dial" feature, you can simply say any name from your address book and it'll be dialed instantly. And if that makes you happy, hey, sing out loud using the "Lyrics Display" function for some karaoke fun!

Mindblowing music
Close your eyes and feel a crystal clear audio experience. Be captivated by the melodious 6-band EQ modes and 3D surround stereo sound via the phone's speakers or the high quality stereo earphones. Or groove wirelessly on the move with the A2DP Bluetooth stereo headset, a complimentary accessory that mesmerizes you with a richer, deeper music experience.

A world of music
Want music from dawn to dusk? Wake up to your favorite track by setting it as your alarm tone. Expand your musical tastes with 20 pre-set FM channels. You can also seamlessly synchronize your EF51 with your PC's Windows Media Player functionality and online music stores all over the world. So search wherever and download whatever you desire...the choices are unlimited!

1.3 mega reasons to smile
If music inspires your imagination, then the 1.3 megapixel camera expresses it with fun features. Try special color adjustments, digital zoom, multi-shot and self-portrait and more to add drama to real life. Share your wild photos with friends with Bluetooth connectivity, or set them as Photo Caller-IDs to make your incoming calls more interesting.