Samsung 2232BW LCD SyncMaster Monitor

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Samsung 2232BW LCD SyncMaster Monitor

The design winning 2232BW with its fast response time and its rich imagery capabilities provides not only a monitor with superior performance but also a stylish addition to your home or business office.

Dynamic contrast (3000:1)
We achieve 3000:1 dynamic contrast based on the monitor's ability to control brightness and gamma. For a brighter image, higher backlight power with gamma control evens out the images presentation.

For a darker image lower backlight power with gamma control does the trick.

HDCP capable
HDCP protects the integrity of content as it is being transmitted. This along with the 2232BW's digital visual interface (DVI) which delivers video images with very high resolution makes for optimum movie entertainment on this sleek monitor.

With SAMSUNG's own MagicColor Engine your monitor will provide you with richer images.

Fast response time - MagicSpeed
To get the most out of you new monitor by using it for work and entertainment, MagicSpeed allows for fast response times which reduces blurring.

MagicBright III
With one click, you can control your on-screen display (OSD). MagicBright3 automatically optimizes brightness, contrast, and gamma correction, based on the specific application. With a push of a button, you can easily switch between Text, Internet, Movie, Game, Sports, Custom and Print View modes, to help ensure the best picture quality.