Samsung 710NT LCD Monitor

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Samsung 710NT LCD Monitor

The SyncMaster 710NT provides an ideal solution for server-based computing. You'll save money and time usually spent on installation and maintenance.

MagicColor improves the hue and saturation of colors so that
they appear more natural looking. Fresh images with exceptional clarity appear even on darker screens.

17" screen
This 17" widescreen monitor is large enough for you to comfortably work on your important documents and spreadsheets.

264 pixel pitch
Pixels are dots used to display an image on your monitor's screen. Millions of pixels are arranged in a grid and the smaller the distance between the pixels, the crisper the image will be.

Enjoy a razor-sharp image with a low 264 pixel pitch.

600:1 contrast ratio
The contrast between light and dark colors on the screen is what makes images stand out. The bigger the difference between light and dark images, the more vibrant images will appear.

With a high contrast ratio of 600:1 you'll enjoy
sharper image quality that's sure to catch your eye.

It's now possible to set the display settings faster and easier than ever. MagicTune™ lets you easily adjust the monitor's brightness, color and image size in a convenient and accurate way.

Ideal for photographers, graphic designers and multimedia artists, MagicTune is an easy-to-use program designed to optimize your monitor so you see the highest-quality images possible.

16.2 million colors
Enjoy clearer, brighter images and a wide spectrum of colors.