Samsung 2232GW LCD Monitor

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Samsung 2232GW LCD Monitor

The 2232GW is a premium wide monitor that enables those with a sense of style to enhance their work environment with a tool that goes much deeper than looks. With its fast response time and clear viewing screen the 2232GW makes accomplishing you desktop tasks more enjoyable.

dynamic contrast (3000:1)
We achieve 3000:1 dynamic contrast based on the monitor's ability to control brightness and gamma. For a brighter image, higher backlight power with gamma control evens out the images presentation.

For a darker image lower backlight power with gamma control does the trick.

HDCP capable
Transfer graphic images from your TV or DVD player without losing any of the quality of the original content. You'll have the highest resolution images possible and a picture that's second to none.

MagicColor improves the hue and saturation of colors so that they appear more natural looking. Fresh images with exceptional clarity appear even on darker screens.

ENERGY STAR compliant
By being ENERGY STAR compliant you are assured that your Samsung model is helping the environment by using less energy while saving you money. ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy promoting energy efficiency.

fast response time - MagicSpeed
To get the most out of you new monitor by using it for work and entertainment, MagicSpeed allows for fast response time which reduces blurring.

With one click, you can control your on-screen display (OSD). Magic Bright 3 automatically optimizes brightness, contrast and gamma correction, basedon the specific application. With a brush of a button, you can easily switch bvetween Text, Interned,Movie, Game,Sports, Custom and Print View modes, to help ensure the best picture quality.

MagicClear is a special coating on the panel that eliminates distortion, glare and light reflection. Images are crystal clear with rich and realistic colors and a sharper contrast.