Roland DP-900 Designer Piano

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Roland DP-900 Designer Piano

A Class Act for the Home
Refined elegance — the new DP-900 digital piano offers streamlined, uncluttered operation, sophisticated appearance, and realistic piano sound. There are 20 internal sounds to choose from, from acoustic grand to electric piano, organ, harpsichord, and more. A "Dual Play" mode is also provided, which allows two tones to be layered for a rich, resounding sound.

Stylish Appearance
The DP-900 impresses with its sleek, modern-furniture-like design, featuring a solid, soft-close safety lid that can be used as a music rest when opened. With its natural-looking, light wood grained finish, the DP-900 blends well into any room in the house — and it's easy to move from room to room, thanks to its strong-but-lightweight design.

Authentic Sound & Touch
Equipped with high-quality concert grand waveforms, the DP-900 reproduces the sound of an acoustic piano authentically. The Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard provides weight in the lower range and a light feel in the upper range for a more natural piano touch. Dedicated buttons are provided so players can change the keyboard touch from light to heavy in accordance with their finger strength. The onboard reverb effect adds natural, spatial reverberation; Sympathetic Resonance creates the natural vibration of a true grand piano.

Variety of Sounds
More than just a grand piano, the DP-900 can also generate electric piano sounds and organ sounds. Twenty sounds are provided, enabling players to cover a broad range of musical genres. Any two sounds can be layered or split across the keyboard simultaneously. There are five demo songs onboard that feature the piano, harpsichord, organ, and other sounds. Additionally, 60 classical piano pieces are included — useful for lessons, for listening enjoyment, and to cultivate musical appreciation.

Built-in Recorder
The DP-900 has a two-track recorder built in, which allows players to quickly and easily capture their performances. Not only for fun, this feature makes piano lessons more effective, as teachers and students can listen to and evaluate the playback instantly. Right and left-hand parts can be recorded individually, which is also useful for practice and evaluation.

* Elegant and sophisticated appearance; light cherry finish
* High-quality sound engine reproduces authentic grand piano sounds
* 64-voice polyphony, Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard
* Sympathetic Resonance and reverb for immersive sound and spatial enhancement
* Two speakers built into the stand, generates dynamic sound
* Luxurious wooden key lid closes softly and silently thanks to damper mechanism
* Onboard metronome, with LED for displaying tempo
* 2-track recorder enables users to record right/left hand parts individually