Roland DisCover 5 RealTime Orchestrator

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Roland DisCover 5 RealTime Orchestrator

The Roland DisCover 5 RealTime Orchestrator is the world's first performance keyboard that lets musicians manipulate Standard MIDI Files (SMFs) on the fly. DisCover 5 also features a professional Vocal Harmonizer with over 90 presets for creating harmonies—plus the ability to display lyrics and chords on the LCD and Video Output. These and many more powerful features can be easily accessed via DisCover's knobs and graphic display.

* 61-note performance keyboard with realtime SMF manipulation—a world's first!
* 72 preset "Covers" permit on-the-fly editing of tone, velocity, reverb and chorus for each SMF track
* High-quality Vocal Harmonizer with 4 distinct effects, 3 programmable Harmony modes and separate audio output
* Revolutionary Singer Key Adapter automatically transposes SMFs to suit the range of any singer
* Next Song Reserve function automatically loads next song and begins playback after current song
* Song Chord Extractor displays chords used in SMFs
* Handy Song Finder for easy classification, storage and retrieval of large song archives (64MB SmartMedia card included)
* Imports lyrics via .TXT files; Video output displays lyrics and chords
* D-Beam controller with ready-to-use presets

Beyond Arranger Keyboards
While today's arranger keyboards are powerful, performing musicians are increasingly using Standard MIDI Files (SMFs) as background music. Some prefer to create their own sequences, while others use commercially available disks. Either way, there has never been an easy way to manage and load large numbers of MIDI files—or manipulate them live. And with the growing popularity of karaoke, musicians need an instrument with lyric display capabilities. That instrument simply didn't exist, until the DisCover 5…

Realtime SMF Arranging
The DisCover 5 is the first keyboard to benefit from new Roland technology that allows for realtime manipulation of Standard MIDI Files. These "Song Makeup Tools" as they are called, permit the changing of a track's tone, velocity, reverb and chorus—plus other controllers contained in the song—via front-panel buttons. These parameters can be altered at once via the icon-based touchscreen simply by choosing among the 72 preset "Covers" (30 "Covers" for all instruments, 18 for drums, and 24 for bass).

Unique Vocal Effects
The onboard Vocal Harmonizer uses four modes—Talk, Voice-FX, Auto Pitch Correct, and Singer—to control the sound of your voice and create effects. Revolutionary technology makes it possible to add realtime harmonies separately from the vocal effects using any SMF, even without a harmony track. A separate audio output lets you run your voice through its own mixer channel, while a world's first Singer Key Adapter function automatically sets the musical key of any SMF to best suit your range. Lyrics and chords can be displayed on an external monitor for karaoke or for use in churches.

Easy Song Management
The only thing worse than losing a song file during a performance is waiting for it to load. Fortunately, DisCover 5 makes both of these issues a thing of the past. Using the Song Finder, you can classify songs by genre, author and title—making it easy to locate files even if they're buried in a large song archive. And thanks to SmartMedia, DisCover 5 can load songs instantly or even automatically with the Next Song Reserve function. DisCover 5 will literally change your performance!