Roland PD-6 Single-Trigger Rubber Drum Pad

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Roland PD-6 Single-Trigger Rubber Drum Pad

The PD-6 is an affordable 8.5-inch single-trigger rubber drum pad designed for use as snare, tom or hi-hat. A durable, time-tested design ensures years of reliable use and unrivaled triggering accuracy.

* Affordable single-trigger 8.5-inch rubber drum pad
* Developed for use as snare, tom, or hi-hat
* Compatible with all Roland electronic drum and percussion systems
* Durable, time-tested design and unrivaled triggering accuracy


Pad Size: 8.5"
Trigger: 1 (Head)
Size and Weight
Width: 221 mm 8-3/4 inches
Depth: 274 mm 10-13/16 inches
Height: 64 mm 2-9/16 inches
Weight: 1.2 kg 2 lbs. 11 oz.