Yamaha ACU16-C Amplifier Control Unit

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-05
Yamaha ACU16-C Amplifier Control Unit

Yamaha's NHB32-C and ACU16-C are designed as audio network interfaces providing access to a CobraNet™ audio network. The NHB32-C Network Hub and Bridge is equipped with four AES/EBU terminals for connectivity between digital audio devices via the CobraNet. The ACU16-C Amp Control Unit operates as an output device that can be used in combination with the Yamaha PC9500N or PC4800N power amplifiers. It is equipped with high quality DA converters for delivering analog output to PC-N series power amplifiers. It also allows control and monitoring of the PC-N series power amplifiers.

With the NHB32-C and ACU16-C you can create very large and complex audio systems, and stream 64 channels of digital audio using a simple wiring scheme. A maximum of 8 NHB32-C and 16 ACU16-C units can be connected to a single network. They also allow relay of control data signals (Amp Control, COM or MIDI) between devices on the network. Run lengths of up to 100 meters are possible using 100Base-TX CAT5 cable and up to 2km using fiber optic cable. A supplied software application allows audio patching, word clock settings, and monitoring and control of the amplifiers.

* CobraNet™ is a registered trademark of Peak Audio, a Division of Cirrus Logic.

CobraNet Interface with Built-in 16-Channel DA Converters
The ACU16-C Amplifier Control Unit can receive up to 16 channels of digital audio from the CobraNet and convert it to analog with its high quality 24-bit DA converters. The unit is equipped with both Primary and Secondary terminals for CobraNet connection so if there is a problem with one line, you'll get seamless operation with the backup line. Rated at 110dB its DA converters deliver excellent dynamic range for superior audio performance. Euroblock terminals provide quick and easy connection to the amplifiers.

Software allows control and management of up to 32 power amplifiers
The RS-485 NETWORK terminal allows control and monitoring of up to 32 network compatible PC9500N or PC4800N power amplifiers. A Windows PC connected to an ACU16-C or NHB32-C on the network lets you control and manage audio patching settings, etc., on the network all from a single location.

Automatic Creation of Log Files such as History or Warning
The system can automatically record amp control operation content, and warning like output shorting, etc., for use in system problem solving.