Yamaha NHB32-C Network Hub and Bridge

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-05
Yamaha NHB32-C Network Hub and Bridge

32ch I/O Audio Interface with CobraNet Compatibility
Yamaha's NHB32-C and ACU16-C are designed as audio network interfaces providing access to a CobraNet™ audio network. The NHB32-C Network Hub and Bridge is equipped with four AES/EBU terminals for connectivity between digital audio devices via the CobraNet. The ACU16-C Amp Control Unit operates as an output device that can be used in combination with the Yamaha PC9500N or PC4800N power amplifiers. It is equipped with high quality DA converters for delivering analog output to PC-N series power amplifiers. It also allows control and monitoring of the PC-N series power amplifiers.

With the NHB32-C and ACU16-C you can create very large and complex audio systems, and stream 64 channels of digital audio using a simple wiring scheme. A maximum of 8 NHB32-C and 16 ACU16-C units can be connected to a single network. They also allow relay of control data signals (Amp Control, COM or MIDI) between devices on the network. Run lengths of up to 100 meters are possible using 100Base-TX CAT5 cable and up to 2km using fiber optic cable. A supplied software application allows audio patching, word clock settings, and monitoring and control of the amplifiers.

* CobraNet™ is a registered trademark of Peak Audio, a Division of Cirrus Logic.

Digital Audio and Control Data CobraNet Interface
The four 8-channel AES/EBU input/output terminals allow the NHB32-C to transmit and receive a maximum of 32 channels I/O of digital audio via CobraNet. The same Ethernet cable used to carry the audio signal also carries COM or MIDI data between two NHB32-Cs. With an ACU16-C connected to the network, monitoring and control of Yamaha's PC9500N or PC4800N power amplifiers is possible. The NHB32-C is equipped with both Primary and Secondary terminals for CobraNet connection so if there is a problem with one line, you'll get seamless transmission and reception with the backup line.

* Only one of the following controls can be used at a time; HA Remote/MIDI/Amp Control.

32in/32out Digital Audio Interface
The NHB32-C is equipped with four 8-channel AES/EBU terminals that allow an individual NHB32-C to transmit and receive a maximum 32in/32out channels of digital audio via CobraNet. You can connect up to 8 NHB32-Cs to a single network, and the 64 channels of digital audio can be routed to any specified NHB32-C or ACU16-C. An individual NHB32-C can transmit a maximum 4 bundles* of digital audio over the network. You can select the word clock source from CobraNet, Word Clock IN, or AES/EBU, for one of the NHB32-Cs on a single network. Patch settings for individual projects are saved/recalled as a library.

* One bundle contains 8 channels (48kHz/20bit) or 7 channels (48kHz/24bit).

Computer Software Provides Network Management
With a PC connected to the network through an NHB32-C, the special software application lets you perform audio patching and word clock settings on the network. In setups using two NHB32-Cs the system allows remote control of Yamaha's AD824 AD Converters connected to another NHB32-C, or the transmission and reception of MIDI. Even when using MIDI, long run lengths of up to 100m with Ethernet cable or up to 2km with fiber optic cable are possible. Used in combination with the ACU16-C, the system allows monitoring and control of amplifiers, and system control from a single location.