Yamaha DTXTREME III Electronic Drum Kit

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Yamaha DTXTREME III Electronic Drum Kit

We enlisted the help of several of our drum artists, and looked at the requests from consumers to make sure that our new module meets the needs of e-drummers at all levels. The most important feature in an electronic drum set is the sound. We began by sampling our most popular acoustic drums, the legendary Recording Custom and Maple Custom. Then we added the groundbreaking Oak Custom and industry standard Maple, Birch, and Beech Absolute. We then sampled many of our most popular artist snare drums and cymbals from all the major manufacturers. We combined these, along with samples of percussion instruments from around the world and dozens of special effects to create 50 pre-programmed kits.

When you want to customize your sound, you can take any of over 1,000 internal drum, percussion, special effects voices and loops to create up to fifty user kits. Insert a USB stick and you can save another 1,584 kits. Taking it even further, you can assign any MIDI channel to each pad, giving you access to over 200 melodic GM voices that you can trigger from any pad. With the optional DIMM, you have 512mb of sampling memory allowing an additional 1,016 user voices.

There are 15 trigger inputs, 14 of which will accept three-zone pads. Input 10/11 is able to accept two mono pads by using a stereo splitter. For live performance or recording, there is a stereo pair of outputs, or six individual outputs that also function as three stereo pair, and an S/P DIF digital output. The Aux in allows you to plug an external music source in so that you can play along, or lets you sample directly into the module. There is a full-function sample editor so that you can tweak your samples once recorded. The MIDI in/out allow connection to other devices, and the USB and TO Host terminals allow easy connection to a computer. The USB also allows use of a flash drive to store and load user created data such as kits, samples, songs, and click settings.

The DXTIII has a fully programmable metronome on board, and to take your practice to the next level our Groove Check feature shows you if you are playing ahead of, on, or behind the click. An additional feature of the click, the Rhythm Gate, mutes any hit that is not in time. The width of this gate is adjustable and can track all triggers, or your choice of up to five triggers. The Groove Check and Rhythm Gate function with either the click or the internal sequencer.

The onboard two-track sequencer is loaded with great preset songs in many styles from rock, pop, blues, funk, Latin, and jazz. The sounds are from our famous MOTIF synthesizer so they sound amazing. You can mute the drums, bass, or rhythm/melody instruments to play along, and even record your own drum track to any preset song, and you can speed up or slow the tempo without changing the pitch. There are 50 user songs that you can record your own compositions, either from the pads or with an external MIDI device. There are also 40 pad songs that you can start and stop from any pad, up to four per kit.

The DXTIIISTD includes a lightweight aluminum rack that is sturdy, yet easy to transport and fold up when you aren't using the kit. The kit also includes our updated 600 series hi hat stand, SS-662A snare stand, CH-750 and CH755 cymbal booms.

The DTXTREMEIII Standard kit includes the TP120SD three-zone snare pad, (3) TP100 three-zone tom pads, (1) PCY135 three-zone cymbal pads, (1) PCY155 three-zone ride cymbal pad, the RHH135 hi hat, and the new KP125 kick drum trigger. The snare and tom pads have the onboard controller knob that allows trigger adjustment on the fly. You can adjust snare tension, or the pitch, voice assignment, song/click tempo, filter on the snare or toms. The new cymbal pads choke when you grab the edge, respond to the lightest touch, and feel great. The RHH135 attaches to the included hi hat stand using a modified clutch. The cymbal goes up and down like an acoustic hi hat cymbal, and is pressure sensitive so the pitch changes when the pedal is pushed. The KP125 has a large playing surface that feels like an acoustic drum, and easily accommodates a double pedal. The spurs on the new kick trigger hold the pad securely in place, even under the hardest playing.

DTxtreme III Specifications

Tone Generator: Tone Generator AWM2
Polyphony: 64 notes
Wave: 205MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format)
Voice Preset: 1,115 drum voices, 211 melody voices (GM)
Drum Kit Presets: 50 kits, User 50 kits (in the Flash ROM), External 1584 kits (or 99 x 16, in the external USB storage device)
Effects: Reverb 9 types, Chorus 19 types, Variation 51 types, Insertion 51 types, Master Effect 9 types, Master EQ 5 bands
Trigger: Trigger Setup Preset: 7, User: 5, Pad songs play, chace, cutoff. 4 songs (max.) can be played simultaneously
Note Capacity: Approx. 152,000 notes
Note Resolution: 480 ppq (parts per quarter note)
Song Recording type: Real time
Song tracks: 2 tracks
Songs Demo: 3 songs
Practice songs: 44 songs
Pad song: 40 songs
User: 50 songs
Sequence Format: DTXTREME III Original Format, SMF format 0
Click Tempo: 30 – 300
Tap tempo Beat: 1/4 – 16/4, 1/8 – 16/8, 1/16 – 16/16
Timing Accent: Quarter note, Eighth note, Sixteenth note, Triplet
Click Voices: Preset 8
Training Functions: Measure break, Groove check, Rhythm gate
Sampling Samples: 1,016 (for the User Voices)
Sampling Sources: Audio input signals via AUX IN/SAMPLING IN, Audio output signals via OUTPUT (Resample)
Sample Data Bits: 16bit
Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz, 22.05 kHz, 11.025 kHz, 5.5125 kHz (stereo/mono)
Sampling Memory: Optionally installed, expandable to 512 MB (256 MB DIMM x 2 slots) * DIMMs are not installed to the instrument when shipped from the factory.
Sample Length: Mono: 32MB, Stereo: 64MB
Sampling Time: 44.1kHz: 6 min. 20 sec. 22.05kHz: 12 min. 40 sec. 11.025kHz: 25 min. 20 sec. 5.5125kHz: 55 min. 40 sec. *Mono/Stereo
Sample Format: DTXTREME III Original format, WAV, AIFF
Displays: 240 x 64 dot graphic backlit LCD, 7-segment LED (3-digit)
Connectors: MIDI IN/OUT
OUTPUT L/MONO, R (standard phone jack)
INDIVIDUAL OUTPUT 1 – 6 (standard phone jack)
Trigger Input jacks: 1 – 9, 12 – 15 (Standard stereo phone jack, L: Trigger Signal, R: Rim Switch)
Trigger Input jacks: 10 and 11 (Standard stereo phone jack, L: Trigger Signal, R: Trigger Signal)
AUX IN/SAMPLING IN: (Standard stereo phone jack)
PHONES: (Standard stereo phone jack)
HI-HAT CONTROL: (Standard stereo phone jack) DC IN 16V
Power Consumption: 18W
Dimensions, Weight: 334(W) x 285(D) x 96(H) mm, 3.6kg
Accessories: AC Power Adaptor (Yamaha PA-300B, or an equivalent), Module stand, Module stand fastening screws (4; included)

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