Yamaha MOTIF RACK Tone Generator

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-04
Yamaha MOTIF RACK Tone Generator

Perhaps the most requested Yamaha product of the last year has been a rack mount module version of the award winning Motif synthesizer. We probably could have just scaled the Motif down into a rack version, but we wanted to take Motif technology to the next level. So the new rack is not just affordable, it uses a newly designed sound chip that includes expanded polyphony ( 128 Notes) and inserts effects ( 4 Inserts in Mix Mode). The Motif Rack is perfect for both Motif owners who want to expand the power of their Motif system or those who already have plenty of other keyboards and want Motif sounds in a convenient rack mount size.

The core Voices are identical to Motif plus an additional two new Preset Voice Banks and 256 User Editable Voices (twice the user area of Motif). Motif Voices can be loaded directly in to the rack via MIDI.

Effects processing is where the new tone generation chip really shines. In addition to a newly developed Reverb algorithm, in the Motif Rack's 16 Part Multi Timbral Mode up to 4 Voices can have their insertion effects enabled simultaneously, and each of the 16 Parts has it's own 3-band EQ.

* 128 Notes of polyphony
* Preset Voices: 896 normal voices (incl. GM bank), 65 drum kits
* User Voices: 256 normal voices, 32 drum kits
* Stereo OUT, 4 individual OUT, Digital Out (optical and coaxial
* MSPS plug-in slot x 2
* Motif Effects plus: Newly designed Reverb algorithm, 4 Insert Effects and 3 band EQs per Part in Multi Mode