Yamaha PSR7000 Arranger Workstation Digital Keyboard

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha PSR7000 Arranger Workstation Digital Keyboard

A Total of 464 Authentic Voices and 9 Drum Kits
Yamaha's Advanced Wave Memory technology creates voices that have a natural, full sound and are remarkably responsive. Play up to five Orchestra Groups depending on where you place your splits on the 64-note polyphonic keyboard. Choose from among 246 Right 1, Right 2, and Left Orchestra voices, 123 Lead voices, 18 Organ Flute voices and 77 DOC voices. Plus you get 9 full-keyboard percussive voices in the orchestral groups to cover virtually any style of music.

18 Organ Flute Voices
Three banks of six voices each represent a rich and wide range of organ sound textures, each fully adjustable. You can choose from multiple varieties of jazz organs, theater organs, full church organs and more.

The WAVE RAM allows acoustic data - such as instruments or human voices - to be digitally converted and stored in the keyboard. From there put the sounds into any performance. Just a sample of the optional disks include Sound Effects, vocal Hooks, House & Techno, Latin & Ethnic, and much more. One of the accessories included with the PSR7000 is a floppy disk that contains Wave RAM data.

5-Band Graphic Equalizer
5-preset equalizer curves (Standard, Mellow, Contemporary, Disco, and Bright) or program the USER curve yourself.

Reverb, Chorus, and DSP Effects
16 Reverb-based effects include standards like Hall, Room, Stage, plus other more funky effects like Tunnel, Canyon, and Basement. Also included are 10 Chorus effects and a choice of 56 DSP effects.

Large Multi Display with 5-Selectable Languages and a Help Function
The big, easy-to-read LCD display is back-lit for playing on even the darkest stages. 8 LCD selectors to the side of the display and 8 LCD control wheels along the bottom ensure total keyboard command. Help text and screen messages can be displayed in your choice of either English, German, French, Spanish, or Italian.

Mic Input with Effects
Plug a microphone into the PSR-7000 and the output can be heard in stereo through the four internal speakers or sent through the auxiliary output jacks to an external sound system. Either way, you can independently assign a wide variety of Reverb, Chorus, and DSP effects to the microphone input.

120 Internal Plus 32 Disk Accompaniment Styles
Highly advanced auto-accompaniment systems play the beats, bass lines, and chords of 120 different accompaniment styles. Each style has ten separate sections. Some Intro and Ending sections have their own chord progressions. There are five separate accompaniment parts: Rhythm, Bass, Chord, Phrase, and Pad - each of which can be switched on/off at the touch of "Arranger" buttons.

Custom Accompaniment Programmer
Just select a style close to what you need and use the suite of editing functions to create a style that's all your own. The PSR-7000 holds 32 custom styles in memory at a time.

Custom Voice Editing
Choose Easy Edit mode for a quick touch-up of Full Edit mode to create an entirely new voice. And play up to 32 custom voices at a time.

Disk Orchestra Collection and GM Compatibility
With the PSR-7000, you get access to a vast amount of MIDI music. Play disks recorded in DOC (Disk Orchestra Collection), Disklavier disks, General MIDI and Standard MIDI files. Yamaha's DOC disks can be listened to, or be used to play along with.

16-Track Sequencer with Extensive Editing Features
Use the 16-track sequencer to create music or to record accompaniment tracks for refining your playing technique. The Quick Record mode makes for easy editing by conveniently grouping the accompaniment and manual tracks. Chord Step Recording allows for precise recording of your chord changes. Multitrack Record mode makes possible independent recording and playback of up to 16 tracks.

Editing features include: Punch In Recording Quantize, Track Copy/Mix, Volume Control, digital effect parameters, and more.

Touch Responsive 61-Key Keyboard
Yamaha uses full-size, five-octave keyboards with superb Touch Sensitivity and After-Touch Sensitivity - and both can be incrementally adjusted.

Arabic Scale
Not all instruments are even- tempered and not all music is written in the twelve-tone scale. For those who need to "re-tune" their keyboard to a different scale, Yamaha has provided an Arabic scale so each note can be tuned over a 127 cent range.

Built-In 3.5" Floppy-Disk Drive
Save and retrieve a wide variety of information on 3.5" 2HD or 2DD floppy disks.