Yamaha PSR4000 Arranger Workstation Digital Keyboard

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha PSR4000 Arranger Workstation Digital Keyboard

Large Display and Multi Function Controls
The large backlit LCD panel is an advanced multi-function type that allows simultaneous access to a number of important parameters. There are 16 buttons surrounding the display which makes recognition and access of functions smoother than ever before. "Easy Setting" provides quick and easy access to a number of useful parameters when selecting parts.

120 Superb Accompaniment Styles
These provide rhythm backing or fully-orchestrated rhythm, bass and chord accompaniment. Playing the required chords in the left-hand section of the keyboard in the Fingered mode, the Auto Accompaniment will produce an accompaniment matched to the selected style. The Single Finger mode produces full accompaniment by pressing a minimum number of keys. In the Full mode you can play about anything. The de- tected chord will appear on the display and the PSR creates the appropriate accompaniment.

A Wide Variety of Digital Effects
16 reverb based effects include standards such as "Hall", "Room", and "Stage" settings as well as some extraordinary settings such as "Canyon" and "Basement." Also, 10 chorus and 50 DSP effects provide plenty of variety to add just the right amount of spice to your sound.

Fade In/Out
The Fade In/Out function is just that. Press the button while playing a vamp at the end of a song, and the PRS-4000's auto-accompaniment will automatically fade out giving your performance an added professional touch. It also allows you to fade in at the beginning of a song as well.

Built-in Floppy Disk Drive
With the PSR-4000's built-in floppy disk drive you can save custom voices, custom styles, sequences, multi-pad assignments and complete panel setups to external 3.5" 2HD or 2DD floppy disks. Build your own library of music data to use with the PRS-4000 whenever you need it.

Quick Play
Floppy disk access time is reduced with the PSR-4000's Quick Play disk operation. Song data is played directly from and recorded directly to the floppy disk eliminating the need to load and save song files each time and increasing song memory (60 songs maximum).

Arabic Tuning
The Arabic scale tuning function allows you to fine tune each note of the 12-note chromatic scale over a 127-cent range. Exploring this feature you can create authentic Middle-Eastern and other exotic sounds with the PSR-4000.

358 Realistic Voices
Voices ranging from truly realistic acoustic instruments to complex sounds are incredibly expressive and a thrill to play. Along with 358 voices, the PSR-4000 offers 9 different drum kits - from Rock to Jazz, Analog to Classic - that will fit the needs of a wide range of musical styles.

Custom Accompaniment Recorder
The Custom Accompaniment Recorder allows you to create original accompaniment styles or modify existing ones. The PSR-4000 can store a maximum of 12 different custom styles in internal memory for use whenever needed. You can also save custom style data to floppy disk for use at a later date.

Lead Part
The Lead voice is a monophonic voice which can be played over the entire range of the keyboard or in the right-hand section only. Select from any one of the powerful 78 lead voices.

Voice Editing
If you just want to tweak the sound, the Easy mode gives quick access to name, pan, vibrato, tone, and envelope parameters. For full blown editing, the Full Edit mode gives you access to everything from waves to effect parameters letting you create entirely new sounds on your own. A total of 32 custom voices can be stored in memory for instant recall at anytime. Custom voices can also be stored to floppy disk.

Powerful 16-track Sequencer
The PSR-4000's versatile 16-track sequencer can be used to create your own compositions, or to simply record accompaniment tracks with which you can practice your keyboard playing technique. The Quick Record mode makes recording easy by grouping accompaniment and manual tracks. Chord Step Recording allows the precise recording of chord changes one step at a time for complex accompaniments.

Auto Harmony
Used in conjunction with the Auto Bass Chord feature, the PSR-4000's Auto Harmony feature will automatically add appropriate harmony notes to the melody you play in the right-hand section of the keyboard.

Multi Pads
8 multi-pads are located above the PSR-4000's keyboard. Short sequences such as fanfare, novelty sounds, notes and chords can be recorded and played back at any time with the touch of a button. You can also play 8 different drum and percussion sounds from the multi-pads as well.

Disk Orchestra Collection & General MIDI Compatibility
With the PSR-4000 you have access to a vast amount of MIDI music data available on Yamaha Disk Orchestra Collection disks, Disklavier disks (available from Yamaha) and other pre-programmed disks that are compatible with General MIDI and the Standard MIDI File. Yamaha DOC disks contain a wide range of classical and popular pieces that you can simply listen to or use as your "private music tutor" by playing along with the recorded accompaniment.