Yamaha TYROS Arranger Workstation Digital Keyboard

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha TYROS Arranger Workstation Digital Keyboard

TYROS Digital Workstation
Yamaha has taken some of the innovative concepts and features of its Clavinova®, Synthesizer, Pro Audio and Portable Keyboard line, added a brand new technology called Mega Voice®, and put it all together in a futuristic keyboard called TYROS. It's groundbreaking, it's exciting, it's cutting edge and it just may be the finest keyboard you have ever heard, seen or played. It combines the quality of sound, stylistic detail and ease of use of a Clavinova digital piano, incredible editing control over sounds and sequences like our professional Motif® synthesizers, built-in mixer technology and DSP effects from our world-renowned Pro Audio experience, and the ability to carry it under one arm from our Portable Keyboard Department – it weighs in at a mere 27 pounds.

Mega Voice Technology – A New Unparalleled Realism
TYROS is the first keyboard from Yamaha to include a brand new technology called Mega Voice. So, what is Mega Voice? Most digital keyboards create their sound from recording or sampling instruments and when you press the keys, you're playing back the sample. Previous to Mega Voice Technology, in traditional sampling, an instrument's pitch was recorded at different increments (C C# D D# etc.) and that was about it. Unfortunately, that leaves out a lot of the subtle nuances that make an instrument sound unique. For example, on a guitar, traditional sampling would miss the string and pick noise. Yamaha Mega Voice technology provides open and mute string sounds, dead notes, hammering effects, slide effects, harmonics and a wide range of strum and body noises – putting back the missing elements that take a sampled guitar from sounding like a guitar played on a keyboard to a Mega Voice sampled guitar that sounds like, dare we say, a guitar!

Once you hear the difference, you'll never want to go back. In technical terms, Mega Voice duplicates an instrument's behavior. In sonic terms, this gives TYROS stunningly realistic sounds.

Believe Your Ears!
A keyboard's most important feature is its sound. More Wave ROM (that's where the voices are stored) usually translates to better sound. TYROS has an outstanding 96MB of Wave ROM packed with some of the finest voices you have ever heard – over 1100 voices in all. You'll find many new Live!, Cool and Sweet voices and 36 Drum Kits in addition to the new Mega Voice sounds. The Organ Flutes on TYROS use Modeling Technology introduced on the 9000PRO – a whopping 91 independently oscillating voices to simulate the rotating tone generation wheels found in classic organs. And now, with the color screen, all of the functions like realtime virtual drawbars and rotary speaker switches are photo-quality representations of the originals. You won't believe your ears – or your eyes.

Of course, no professional Yamaha digital workstation would be complete without a full complement of XG voices and with TYROS you can be assured that XG and General MIDI sequences will sound their absolute best. In fact, TYROS is fully XG, GM and GM2 compatible.

Make Your Own Kind of Music
The 300 musical Styles found in this digital workstation are best described as having a backup band at your fingertips. Choose a category of music (like Rock, Country or R&B), select a Style from the menu and play your favorite song. It's that easy. Each Style has up to 8 different musical parts that provide drums, bass, guitar, horns, strings and any other musical instrument that suits the genre of music you have selected. TYROS also features many different types of Accompaniment Styles. Pro-styles provide professional and exciting arrangements combined with perfect playability. Session-styles automatically enrich the player's chords with additional color notes or even harmonic progressions. Basic-styles cover a wide range of music while the arrangement is kept basic and generic, and therefore extremely versatile.

In addition to the many different chording techniques provided on previous Yamaha keyboards, TYROS also includes an AI (Artificial Intelligence) mode in both dedicated left hand mode and full keyboard mode. For example, in left hand mode, you can play chords using 2 notes and TYROS will select the correct chord, based on the previous chord, allowing you to do descending bass lines without switching to "On Bass" mode.

Yamaha has always had great Styles, but with TYROS, they are taken to new heights of realism because of the Mega Voice Technology. An example is the new Unplugged Styles. Because the Unplugged Styles are guitar-focused, a major amount of time and effort was dedicated to making sure that these Styles "voice" like a guitar would, on both regular and extended chords. For the ultimate realism, the guitar parts in these Styles were actually played (and programmed) by an LA session musician using a Yamaha Pacifica Guitar with a G50 MIDI converter! You can rest assured that our Global Style Programmers take all of the work out of making realistic band tracks that you can use for live performance, studio work, song writing and MIDI file creation. With TYROS, just do what you do best – sit back and play.