Yamaha YBS-62 Professional Eb Baritone Saxophone

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Yamaha YBS-62 Professional Eb Baritone Saxophone

Tilting style low Bb spatula keys
The position, height, angle and shape of the left-hand pinky keys have all been carefully redesigned to provide extraordinary comfort and quick response.

Three-vent octave mechanism
A feature exclusive to Yamaha saxophones, the three-vent octave mechanism eliminates fuzzy, unclear tones when playing G, G# and A with the octave key.

Acoustic annealing of the body
The brass used in Yamaha professional model saxophones goes through an original acoustic annealing process that gives the metal optimum density for superior tone. In conjunction with other advanced design features, acoustic annealing also contributes to precise resistance and playability.

Adjustable thumb rest
All Yamaha saxophones feature an adjustable thumb rest to allow for precise and comfortable hand and fingering position.

Refined key shape and dimension
Yamaha saxophone keys are not simply shaped and positioned according to mechanical necessity; the entire system is designed from the player's perspective, with emphasis on comfort, speed, and overall playability. The natural feel of the keys eliminates the need to adapt to an unnatural or uncomfortable key layout.


Level: Professional
Key: Eb
Neck: Yellow Brass (annealed)
Neck Material: Yellow Brass (annealed)
Body Material: Yellow Brass (annealed)
Bell: Yellow Brass (annealed)
Key Material: Yellow Brass
Key Buttons: Mother of pearl
Finish: Gold baked epoxy lacquer (YBS-62); Silver (YBS-62S)
Tone Holes: Drawn
Auxiliary Keys: Front F; Low A; High F#
Mouthpiece: Yamaha 5C
Mouthpiece Cap: Yellow brass; Gold lacquer
Ligature: Yellow brass; Gold lacquer
Spring Type: Blue steel needle
Pad Type: Leather and wool felt with plastic tone boosters
Bell Decoration: Hand engraved
Thumb Hook: Adjustable plastic
Pivot Screw: Straight-tapered with head and nylon lock (adjustable)
Mounting: Ribbed and flanged

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