Motorola Netopia 7107-65 Ethernet Wireless Gateway

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Motorola Netopia 7107-65 Ethernet Wireless Gateway

The Motorola Netopia 7107-65 4-port Ethernet High-Performance Wireless Gateway is designed for the home user who needs to setup a home network for maximum media play or for a small, networked office to conduct essential business activities. The 7107-65 is the ideal choice for the advanced residential or small business customer who desires high-speed voice, video, and data services. The 7107-65 allows users to connect to their existing broadband modem to an Ethernet port and then use up to four 10/100 Ethernet ports and/or 400mW 3-D Reach® Extreme 802.11b/g integrated wireless for flexible networking options.

The gateway’s friendly installation and ease of use is ideal for consumers who want a gateway that is simple to set-up and protects their PC and other networked devices from security threats.

Four-port Ethernet switch
* Supports single-PC households and home- or small-office networking
* Ideal solution for Home LAN using any broadband connection-cable, xDSL, WiMAX and GPON
* Friendly installations for a simple setup

Robust security features
Protect PCs and other networked devices from unwanted intrusions

Cost savings
Advanced features help service providers monetize broadband networks while improving efficiency and reducing costs

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