Sony Ericsson GC83 EDGE/GPRS PC Card

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Sony Ericsson GC83 EDGE/GPRS PC Card

The EDGE advantage
Grab the power to surf the Internet, download attachments, access corporate networks and manage email almost anywhere – quickly, easily, wirelessly.

Break out of your office
Enjoy international roaming coverage at serious speeds; installation takes only a few minutes, and the GC83 interfaces with existing applications.

EDGE — unbeatable coverage and speed
Covering more geographical territory than any other cellular technology, EDGE offers transfer speeds comparable to those of basic fixed-line services.

Globally supported
All Sony Ericsson products are supported with regional customer care centers, offering comprehensive information and support in local languages.

Connectivity you can rely on
Sony Ericsson commits to industry standards, regulatory approvals and operator acceptance around the world – so you can rely on superb connectivity.

Type: 16-bit PCMCIA Type II PC Card Multislot class 10
Size: 85.0 x 54.0 x 5.0 mm 3.3 x 2.1 x 0.2 inches
Weight: 42.0 gr 1.5 oz
Antenna: External antenna included
Supported operating systems: Windows® Me Windows® XP (Pro, Home, Tablet) Windows® 2000 (SP4) Windows® 98SE
Drivers: NDIS 5 driver
Networks: GSM 850 EDGE GPRS CSD GSM 1800 GSM 1900
Performance EDGE Download speed: Upload speed:
up to 247 kbps up to 123 kbps

GPRS Download speed: Upload speed:
up to 86 kbps up to 43 kbps

CSD Download speed: Upload speed:
up to 9.6 & 14.4 kbps up to 9.6 & 14.4 kbps


* Power class: GMSK-Class 4 (850/900 MHz), Class 1 (1800/1900 MHz), 8 PSK-Class E2
* SIM Card: supports 1.8 and 3-Volt SIM cards
* Data: TCP/IP version 4
* Error correction: End to End MNP2-4, LAPM (V.42), Network supported RLP
* Compression: MNP5, V.42bis GSM & TCP/IP Header Compression
* SIM toolkit: Class 2 with Call Control
* Multichannel: 3 multiplexed channels (parallel communication paths to card)
* Environment: operating -10° to +55° C, storage -20° to +65° C
* Power consumption: < 30mW (inserted), < 150mW (idle), < 2.8W (transfer)
* Compliant with PC Card standard
* Certifications: GCF, PTCRB, CE, FCC, MS WHQL