Sony AWSG500HD Pre-configured Anycast Station

Sony Updated: 2008-05-02 RSS
Sony AWSG500HD Pre-configured Anycast Station

The AWS-G500HD, based on the original AWS-G500 platform, is a simplified configuration for those customers needing HD capability ONLY. The AWS-G500HD is preconfigured with (1) BKAW-560 HD Analog Component interface Module, and (1) BKAW-590 HDSDI Interface Module. The third interface module slot is left empty to allow for flexible configuration by the user based on their particular needs. This empty slot can be configured with any of the available modules, such as the BKAW-550 PC RGB Module, BKAW-560 HD Analog Component Module, BKAW-570 SD Video Interface Module, BKAW-580 SDI Interface Module, or the newly introduced BKAW-590 HDSDI Interface Module.


* All basic specifications identical to the AWS-G500.
* HD capability ONLY.
* Unit is preconfigured with (1) BKAW-560 and (1) BKAW-590.
* Third interface module slot is empty to allow for flexible user configuration.
* Empty interface module slot can accommodate any of the Anycast Station Interface Modules.