ZyXEL ES-2108G Ethernet Switch

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ZyXEL ES-2108G Ethernet Switch

A Robust, Intelligent Layer 2 Ethernet Switch for Small Workgroups
ZyXEL's 2000 Series of switches are categorized as layer 2 (L2) switches. With L2 management capabilities your switch becomes not just a tool for moving packets around, but a way for you to take control of your network. Advanced security features, bandwidth management, and VLAN tagging allow you to tweak the behavior of your network for better performance and greater peace of mind. In addition, management is made easy with both a web management interface, command line interface, SNMP monitoring, and ZyXEL's exclusive iStacking feature.

* Dual personality Gigabit uplink port for fast connection to the rest of your network
* Fan-less design for noise-sensitive environment
* Bandwidth control to ensure enough bandwidth for sensitive applications
* IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Tagging and Port-based VLAN for flexible network topologies
* MAC Filtering, Freeze, Intrusion Lock and Specific MAC Forwarding for enhanced security

Complete Product Portfolio for Various Demands
The ES-2108 Managed Layer 2 Fast Ethernet Switch Series is specially designed for small workgroup environments. Fan-less design eliminates annoying noise, which makes this unit suitable for noise-intolerant environments.

ES-2108 Series includes four models: ES-2108, ES-2108-G, ES-2108-LC and ES-2108PWR
All switches are equipped with a non-blocking 5.6 Gbps switching architecture for wire-speed transmission capability. Besides a default 8 10/100Mbps port, ES-2108-G features one dual personality Gigabit upper link port for flexible deployment and long-range connectivity. ES-2108PWR is based on ES-2108-G with the PoE feature for Fast Ethernet ports. As ES-2108-LC, it features with one 100FX and one SFP open slot Gigabit interface for fiber uplink.

Superior Capability for Diverse Missions
ZyXEL ES-2108 Series is designed to serve diverse applications in various networking environments. For Quality of Service applications, the ES-2108 series comes with four priority queues per port for different types of traffic. In addition, DSCP is supported to realize an end-to-end QoS environment. For IP multicasting applications, ES-2108 series features IGMP snooping to optimize service quality. Also in bandwidth management, ES-2108 Series can support increments of 64Kbps to fulfill bandwidth differentiation.

High-Security Network Edge
The ZyXEL ES-2108 Series features VLAN function to secure your network: With 802.1Q tagged VLAN and port-based VLAN. With 4K PVID, you enjoy freedom in VLAN management. In addition to MAC filtering, MAC freezing and Specific MAC forwarding, the ES-2108 Series allows the network administrator to set security policy based on device MAC addresses. Intrusion lock, a feature that disables a port when an Ethernet cable is disconnected, prevents intruders from accessing the network through the switch. Equipped with feature 802.1x authentications, it restricts unauthorized users from accessing your network and obtaining confidential data. The ES-2108 Series is designed to offer comprehensive security features for enforcing security policies to the limit.