ZyXEL G-1000 v2 802.11g Access Point

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ZyXEL G-1000 v2 802.11g Access Point

Reliable and Secure Wireless Connectivity

* IEEE 802.11g compliance transmitting at up to 54Mbps
* WiFi certified WPA/WPA2
* Advanced address filter for secure device management
* Detachable antenna
* Seamless roaming with IAPP

IEEE 802.11g Compliance Transmitting at up to 54Mbps
Based on the IEEE 802.11g wireless standard, ZyXEL G-1000 v2 operates at the 2.4GHz frequency band. In addition, the standard compliance allows the G-1000 v2 to work with any IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11b compliant wireless devices.

High-level Network Security Based on WPA/WPA2 and IEEE 802.1x
The G-1000 v2 provides complete wireless security features consisting of Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2) and IEEE 802.1x user authentication. These features guarantee secure wireless communication and secure data transfer over the wireless LAN.

Advanced Address Filter for Secure Device Management
You can allow/disallow device access for management based on the interface, MAC addresses and IP addresses. This blocks unauthorized access and prevents malicious configuration changes. Thus the G-1000 v2 can intelligently protect its configuration from tempering with and ensure high-availability and security for the wireless network.

Scalable and Easy to Deploy
With its detachable antenna design, G-1000 v2 is highly scalable to fulfill any network requirements. For example, you can replace its detachable antenna with a higher-gain omni-directional antenna to extend wireless coverage in your network. Or use a directional panel antenna on the G-1000 v2 to provide quality communication inside your office, without worrying about transmitting your wireless signals out of the building.

Seamless Roaming in Your Home and Office
The G-1000 v2 supports Inter Access Point Protocol (IAPP) to allow seamless roaming between Access Points in your wireless network. Coupled with superior RF performance, the G-1000 v2 provides wireless coverage to every corner of your home or office. No more worries about dead spots or connection disruption. Now you can take the wireless advantage and enjoy network access anytime, anywhere.