ZyXEL X-550 XtremeMIMO Broadband Router

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ZyXEL X-550 XtremeMIMO Broadband Router

Say Goodbye to Lag Time and Dead-spots
The ZyXEL X-550 XtremeMIMO Broadband Router, featuring up to 108Mbps Super G in Turbo Mode Wireless and MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) Smart Antenna Technology, provides the ultimate in speed and coverage - it is also backwards compatible with your standard IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi Networks. When the X-550 connects with non XtremeMIMO products, it extends the range and raises the throughput. With built-in Stream Engine™ technology, the X-550 reduces latency and boosts network efficiency for optimal performance. The X-550 intelligently prioritizes network traffic for online gaming, VoIP and other Internet applications transmitting simultaneously. It can be setup with a USB flash drive in seconds by Microsoft Windows Connect Now. Home Networking has never been so exciting!

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* Up to 800% Better Coverage and Speeds Up to 108Mbps
* Eliminates Internet Lag Optimizing Online Gaming, VoIP, Internet Radio, P2P Applications, and More!
* Easy Setup with Microsoft Windows Connect Now
* Maximize Your Range for Your Wi-Fi Mobile Devices
* StreamEngine™ Technology Flash Demo

MIMO and Smart Antenna Technology
The ZyXEL X-550 XtremeMIM™ Broadband Router featuring up to108Mbps Super G in Turbo Mode Wireless and MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) Smart Antenna Technology provides the ultimate solution for speed and coverage. The ZyXEL X-550 eliminates dead zones by using Smart Antenna technology which "seeks" out and sets up the best methods for connecting with a client. Backwards compatible with any IEEE802.11b/g Wi-Fi certified device, the range and throughput speeds can be increased with other non-XtremeMIMO™ products.

Built-In StreamEngine™ Technology for QoS
The ZyXEL X-550 enables you to run multiple applications without degrading the quality of your internet experience. Interactive applications such as VoIP and online games are very sensitive to congestion on your network which can cause delays referred to as internet lag. With its built-in StreamEngine™ technology, the ZyXEL X-550 automatically prioritizes delay sensitive traffic and eliminates internet lag.

Easy Setup with Windows Connect Now
For users who have upgraded their Windows operating system to Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2, the X-550 can now be setup even easier using a USB flash drive and Microsoft's Windows Connect Now (WCN). Connect multiple users to the network without any configuration utilities or applications on each client!

Enhanced Security with WPA2 and Firewall
In order to protect your wireless data transmissions, the ZyXEL X-550 provides Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and WPA2 featuring AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) standard. To combat efforts from would-be hackers to intrude on your network, the ZyXEL X-550's SSID can be hidden. The ZyXEL X-550 has Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall with advanced features supporting a variety of online games and Internet applications in order to ease setup for the home user. SOHO users will be glad to know that the ZyXEL X-550 supports VPN pass-through creating a secure connection at any remote location. Policies can be defined on the ZyXEL X-550 providing customized filters.