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SSL-VPN Appliance for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

* Clientless Secure Remote Access for Easiest Access
* Seamless Integration with Your Current Firewall for Easy Installation
* Supports AD/LDAP/RADIUS and Two-factor Authentication
* ZyWALL SSL-VPN SecuExtender Technology for IPSec-like VPN over SSL
* Unified Policy Management with Object-Based Configuration
* Endpoint Security Support
* Dual-Mode (NAT-/DMZ-Mode) Installation with Setup Wizard for easy configuration

Clientless Secure Remote Access
The ZyWALL SSL 10 is an integrated SSL-VPN appliance designed for small and medium-sized organizations with simple, secure and clientless remote access to the resources on corporate networks.

Remote access has never been so easy since no client software is required on users' laptops. They are enabled to access corporate applications or shared files with just standard Web browsers; no pre-installed or pre-configured VPN software is needed. Better yet, administrators can reduce the costly support tasks involved in deploying, configuring and updating VPN software.

Highly Integrated Capabilities on Existing Network Infrastructure
The ZyWALL SSL 10 fits seamlessly into any network topology and can be easily deployed alongside almost any third-party firewall as a secure remote access solution. This enables you to leverage the existing network infrastructure without the need to purchase additional hardware. When deployed alongside a ZyWALL UTM running Anti-Virus and IDP Service, the ZyWALL SSL 10 utilizes the powerful UTM technology to scan traffics for malicious threats such as viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware.

Comprehensive End-User Authentication Mechanism
The ZyWALL SSL 10 supports not only the internal database, but also various backend user repositories such as Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP and RADIUS to seamlessly integrate with the existing user database. ZyWALL SSL 10 supports the Two-factor authentication method that requires two independent pieces of information to recognize identity and grant privileges. Two-factor authentication is stronger and more rigorous than the traditional password authentication that requires only one factor (the user password), and it is especially useful for protecting against threats from keylogger programs.

ZyWALL SSL-VPN SecuExtender Technology
ZyWALL SSL 10 provides powerful capability to seamlessly access any corporate network resource by transparently pushing a downloadable thin client (ZyWALL-SSLVPN SecuExtender) to users' desktops or laptops. Administrators can allow specific user groups (such as employees) to create IPSec-like network tunnels for accessing any resource, while other user groups (such as customers, vendors or partners) may access restricted applications and resources listed only on the user portal.

Unified Policy Management with Object-Based Configuration
The ZyWALL SSL 10 provides the ability to define objects such as user groups, network address ranges or applications. When security policies change, the administrator can modify the pre-defined objects and propagate the changes instantly without redefining rules, enabling businesses to implement and manage security policies easily and consistently.

For example, administrators can create one policy for the sales group to access general applications, and create another for R&D to access confidential designdocuments in addition to the general elements.

Endpoint Security Support
Remote access enables more users to take advantage of the network from potentially risky end points and devices, including wireless hotspots and unmanaged PDAs; however the risk could render access management through user identity simply insufficient. To effectively control network access, ensure secure communications and reinforce data protection, more attention need to be paid to the security level of user environments.
The ZyWALL SSL 10 provides endpoint security features to enhance protection by detecting the presence of required processes (e.g. virus scan, personal firewalls, OS patch levels, registry settings, etc.) on the client PC as well as the browser cache cleaner.

Dual-Mode (NAT-/DMZ-Mode) Installation with Setup Wizard
With the ability to shorten the initial setup procedure to less than 10 minutes, the two-scenario Setup Wizard helps administrators to easily configure the device and reduce the administration cost. The ZyWALL SSL 10 can be easily deployed at the network gateway as a one-box Firewall/SSL-VPN device, or alongside any third-party firewall as a secure remote access solution.