CoolMax CT-400 Power Supply

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CoolMax CT-400 Power Supply

The CT series has a dual fan system that provides the fastest cooling system while maintaining a low noise level. Users are able to adjust the fan speed to the desired level with the fan speed control system – low, high, and automatic. The automatic setting turns on a heat sensor within the power supply to detect the temperature and allows the cooling system to adjust itself. The fans are installed in the front and rear of the power supply for maximum cooling efficiency. The CT series have all the necessary connectors to power all your devices and components. And it is PCI-E ready.


- Fully support All Intel & AMD series demand
- Dual Fan (Front & Rear) design, long life and fastest cooling time
- Tube-tide on the main connector
- Fan-speed control adjustable
- Over voltage protection, short circuit protection on all output levels
- APFC/PPFC(optional)